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Although I generally prefer to fish in the sea I have always done quite a lot of freshwater fishing. In fact, apart from the scenery and the saltiness of the water, there is not much difference in the successful tactics. I often use the same lures in the river that I would normally use for bass, the only difference being the slightly lighter line (6lb BS as opposed to 8lbBS) and the wire trace used in the river. The lighter line is simply because the snags in the sea (kelp, wrack and rocks) are often tougher and less accessible than those in the river. The wire is obviously to avoid bite-offs by pike.

Even when I'm after chub and perch, both of which take lures keenly, pike are often present. Perhaps more of a surprise is the number of trout which take the plugs. The tactics are similar for all four species and in my local rivers you never know what will take next. Pike, chub and even perch will often turn up in fast shallow water while trout may, at times, be in the deep slacks. In fact spinning is a great way to find out where the fish are at any time, even when it is not the best method to catch heavy bags. Over the next month or so I'll show a few of the river fish which have taken my (bass) lures in the past year.

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December 1 2001

Just what you might expect - a small brown trout taken on a small Rapala from a shallow riffle.

Well hooked on a J7 jointed floater fished down and across.

This bigger trout also took the same J7.

In this case the lure was cast upstream and retrieved quickly with the fast flow.

Sea trout will also take plugs, even quite large ones.

This fish was in a deep glide and nipped out from the bank to grab the lure.

Trout do not always feed on flies and other small items. This browny took my pike spoon almost at my feet.

The spoon is a big mouthful for a decent pike, let alone this greedy trout.