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01 November 2007.

Small circle hooks and soft wire again.

My last freshwater page dealt with catching perch on small livebaits. Anyway, I enjoyed the session so much I decided to have another go on a different stretch of river. It was a warm, sunny morning - fairly unusual for the time of year - and the river was gin clear despite rain on the previous day. I approached the first 'swim', a deep pool at the tail of a fast turbulent riffle and lowered my paternostered dace (again on a size 2 circle hook and a 15lb Tyger wire trace) into the deep water. Within a minute or two I had a knocking bite and slowly tightened the line. The fish was almost at the surface when it came off. One nil to the perch. Next drop I had another bite and this time the fish was well hooked so I took a picture, reeled it in, unhooked it and put it back. The third cast produced another bite. This time it felt like a much bigger perch but it came off before I could see it. Two fish dropped out of three bites - not so good. No more bites on the next couple of casts so I moved on downstream.

The next spot I tried was a slack of about three feet depth just downstream of a willow tree trailing its branches in the water. I swung another small bait out and lowered it to the bed. At once a pike of about three kg (six or seven pounds - I've had a couple of moans about using kg as units) materialised and grabbed the dace. I tightened at once and the fish was hooked in the lip. After a bit of a tussle I netted the pike, unhooked and released it. I walked on downstream a couple of hundred metres to the next tree and slack. Again the bait was grabbed immediately by a smaller pike which once more was landed, unhooked (it was lip hooked as intended) and released. At this point I thought to myself 'This is going to be a good session'. In the next hour I didn't have another sniff. In fact the only additional action was when I returned to where I had landed the first pike. I dropped the bait in and the same pike rushed out and took it again. I thought that was my sign to pack in - so I did.

Clearly the (relatively) small hook and paternoster were just as effective for catching the small pike as for the perch. I must give it another try ASAP.

The perch.

I don't know how it got the tatty fin - possibly line damage I suppose - but it was in good condition otherwise.  However, note the 'mixed up' scale pattern on the belly.

The first pike.

It took the bait within seconds and I tightened at once.


the hook was perfectly placed and easy to remove.

smaller pike.

again I tightened straight away and hooked it in the lip.