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05 June 2009.

Even more reluctant carp.

The weather stayed pretty hot over the past few days and I had two more attempts to catch a carp. The first one was successful - although slow would be the best word for the fish on that day. Eventually I managed to attract the attentions of a nice linear fish by simply dangling the bait right in the marginal brambles and ferns. Otherwise the carp usually simply ignored the lumps of crust or, worse still, gave them a delicate suck and then left them alone. It was obvious that the fish knew that there were food items about but they really were not very interested. I assumed that the carp had their minds on sex rather than bread (who can blame them) but it was still hard to bear.

My second session was even worse and I caught nothing. Again the sun blazed down and to judge from the mighty splashes and thrashes in the reeds some of the carp were already spawning. I did my usual bread floating act but rarely did the fish show more than a passing interest. I'm sure that I could have caught the odd one by sheer persistence and some of them were well in the upper teens or twenties but it was almost more interesting just watching them. At times there were as many as twenty carp visible near the surface in front of me. Often they swam along in twos and threes, sometimes lazily and sometimes at a fair clip. They would pass by lumps of floating crust time and time again. On rare occasions an odd fish, usually one of the smaller ones, would approach and suck at a piece of bread, rarely did they actually seem to swallow or even mouth one. they just weren't very interested.

Floating bread.

I literally had to lower the crust under my rod tip in this spot to attract a carp.


I netted the fish in more or less the same spot that I'd hooked it.

Close up.

I know that they're a bit like footballs with fins but carp are beautiful fish.

Loads o'carp.

There were sometimes as many as twenty fish in front of where I stood.

Decent fish.

The far one is certainly at least twenty pounds.