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13 August 2004

Ben's fishing trips.

I have a number of grandchildren and they all enjoy fishing trips. Over the last couple of weeks I have spent some time with Ben who's seven years old and of course we HAD to go fishing.

Our first trip was after pike so I rigged him up with a cork for a float and a debarbed single hook on a short wire trace. The bait had only been in the water for minutes when away went the cork and Ben was in! The fish pulled like mad and to be honest, for a while, there was not much that Ben could do with it. I told him that whatever he did he must "Hang on to the rod!" and he did just that. Eventually the pike tired and we were able to land it and take a picture although he was reluctant to pick up the big, lively, toothy fish. At the next spot that we tried he was into a second pike within seconds. This one came unstuck when he gave it a bit of slack but five minutes later it took again and this time was landed. Excellent!

When we disgarded the leftover baits from our piking we had noticed a few eels showing interest in the dead fish. I suggested an eel fishing session and Ben was really keen. The following week his dad, Marc, brought him over one evening and we set off after the eels. First we had to catch some bait so I set Ben up with an old float rod and a few maggots. It was not long before he landed the first minnow and then the fish came thick and fast. In addition to the minnows he landed salmon and trout parr (returned) gudgeon, dace and a small roach - all his own work. Later, with a bit of help from dad, he managed a couple of half-decent eels. Again he was a bit reluctant to get hold of the eels (who isn't) but held one up for a picture. The eels were returned alive and well and I was plastered in slime (there must be a use for eel slime!). Ben had really enjoyed his trip, particularly the float fishing session for small fish. Grandad (and dad) probably enjoyed it almost as much as he did. It really took me back a long time to when I first fished for little perch and roach - wonderful!

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What a battle!.

For a while it was a toss up who was going to win - Ben or the pike.

Safely landed.

A tricky handfull for a seven-year-old but very pleasing.

Float fishing.

This was real fishing and Ben revelled in catching fish completely on his own.


He'd never caught one of these little beauties before.


Catching these fish is a good way to learn how to handle fishing tackle.


The main objective of our trip but a bit awkward to handle.