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01 December 2004.

Pike again.

My pike fishing season has started very well this year. Following the 26 pounder the other week I tried a different stretch of river - again using my big silver spoon. first cast across a shallow slack there was a fierce take and a mighty boil as a good fish grabbed the lure. Typically the pike fought like stink with one powerful run after another. As the fish battled I was trying to get my bag off my back and to extract the camera out of its case using only my left hand. Far from easy. I knew that the fish was a decent size right from the word go but it seemed to be well hooked so I was in no hurry to land it. Eventually I was able to slide the pike ashore onto a mass of weed in the water margin - sixteen pounds - excellent!

Over the next hour I had three more fish came at the spoon - none of them managed to get hold of it but I was not too bothered after having landed the first one. All three were smaller than the one I caught and they simply missed the lure, probably because I was fishing it with a slight sink-and-draw movement. Even though I know that pike usually have another go I did not persist after missing them but tried somewhere else. Anyway, I was well pleased with the session.

A few days later I tried yet another stretch, this time using bait. Again first cast I saw a slight swirl near the float (my old wine-bottle cork) so I knew that there was a fish close by. I persisted in the same spot for about five minutes (a hell of a long time for me) before a long, green shape slid out of the reeds and engulfed the bait in a leisurely fashion. This one took a while to wake up but when it did it shot off upstream into a strong flow before turning back down and rushing past me. I was on a high bank so the net was essential to get this one out - just over twenty pounds - fantastic! Although the pike seemed to be in good condition it had a growth on its mouth and a bit of a tatty tail - I recognised it as one caught by Joe a year ago. I fished on for another hour or so but this time there were no more bites. Funny things pike!

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Good start!

Having taken the spoon the pike fought well.


Still battling hard.


Eventually the fish began to flag.


A handy pile of Ranunculus on the bankside made a good landing ramp. - it looks all of its sixteen pounds.

....and a twenty pounder.

A fine fish which had obviously been feeding well despite its poor mouth and tail.