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11 January 2006.

No pictures.

Just occasionally things go wrong. I went fishing one afternoon last week. I was hoping to catch dace and grayling and to finish off with an hour's pike fishing. It turned out to be a lovely afternoon with temperatures of about 9 degrees and with my first cast the maggot was taken by a cracking dace. I grabbed the camera and switched it on, focussed it and pressed the shutter release (or whatever passes for a shutter release in digital cameras) - nothing! I looked at the screen and in bold red letters were the words CARD ERROR. I took out the card and put it back in - CARD ERROR. I took out the card and wiped it - CARD ERROR. I blew into the works, fiddled with the batteries and switched it on again - CARD ERROR. By now I was getting the message - the card was *******.

I resigned myself to not getting any pictures for the website and fished on. I had a wonderful afternoon. Almost every cast produced a good dace and after I had fed maggots in for half-an-hour the grayling began to feed and I landed several nice fish around the pound mark. When I tired of catching fish on the float gear I went after pike and first chuck landed a beautiful twelve pounder which was soon followed by five more - nothing massive but all nice fish. I was well pleased with the session and but for the camera problem I'd have had some excellent pictures.

The following day I went into Poole and bought a new card. It works perfectly so hopefully my next page will be illustrated. Sorry! (I slipped in a couple of old piketures just for something to look at)

Stu's fish.

Stuart Clough with a fat fish just under 18lb from the river.

Even fatter.

Another cracking river pike caught about the same time as Stu's.

Not nice.

A fish from a local lake in much poorer condition