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15 September 2006.

More carp from the margins.

I know I've said it before but I do enjoy carp fishing. The other day I decided to spend a couple of hours at a local lake complex. I chopped half of a small white loaf into big cubes and stuck it in a poly bag and with a spinning rod, fixed spool reel, braided line and a size six barbless hook I set off. There were one or two anglers there but we had almost a lake each if we wanted. I dropped half-a-dozen bits of bread into a likely spot and waited.

Contrary to popular opinion I'm not the most patient man in the world so I couldn't resist lobbing a lump of crust into a likely spot under the bushes. It must have been fifteen minutes before anything happened and then it was a sucking noise in the reeds by my feet. I waited but nothing happened for ten more minutes so I retrieved my hook (leaving the bait still under the bushes), baited up afresh and dropped the crust in at my feet. Of course the next thing that happened was a carp took the bait that I had shaken off my hook - how often does that happen?

I waited and eventually my semi-patience was rewarded as the rod tip whanged down to a taking fish. After a good long struggle I netted a nice common in the middle teens of pounds. After the disturbance I decided to try another spot. I was next to a path which separated two lakes so I crossed over to the other lake and threw a few crusts into a patch of yellow water lilies, Nuphar or 'brandy bottles' as they are sometimes known. The rudd began to make short work of the crusts further out but they ignored the ones closest to the bank. I baited my hook and dropped it close in under the edge. Within minutes there were a few slurping noises and once again the rod jagged down as a fish took the bait. This time I couldn't let it swim off so I hung on as it crashed about among the lily pads. A passing angler offered to help so I asked him to hold the handle of my net as I steered the fish into the meshes. A nice mirror somewhat smaller than the first fish - excellent! It was time to fetch my grandson from school by now so I packed in and left well satisfied with my two fish (the other chap said no one had been catching much).

Carp territory.

Just as attractive as the sea shore but more peaceful.

Margin fishing.

The spot where I caught my first carp.  The bait's so close in it's out of sight.


After a powerful struggle it's in the net.


I know they're fat and common but they are attractive fish.

The second one.

This mirror still has the bits of 'brandy bottle' leaf attached.