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26 January 2007.

Poor piking!

Cold weather plus floods, an unusual combination, has blessed the past week, so I didn't get out fishing until yesterday. When I arrived at the River it was still bank full and pushing through. I caught baits straight away despite the low temperature but they were pretty small. Even after a couple of moves I couldn't find any larger dace so I had to make do with the ones I had.

Just as last time I went out there were few 'pikey looking' places so it meant quite a lot of walking through deep sloppy mud and pools of water. I tried several spots with no sign of fish. Each time I persisted for five minutes or more and tried to get the bait to swim into every nook and cranny. My reasoning was that the pike would not be keen to move far in the low temperature. It was probably an hour or more before I reached a swim with a longish slack close to the bank. There were several metres of flooded grass before the edge of the submerged bank (where I hoped the pike might be). I fished all the way along the edge until I reached the last little area of slow flow. Round and round went the cork and I was just thinking about calling it a day when plop! Away it went.

After a few seconds I tightened and the pike roared away into the current. Three or four times it had the clutch screaming as it plunged into the deeper water. Eventually the fish tired and I was able to lead it onto the flooded meadow - about twelve pounds in weight. One or two pictures and then I unhooked it. The circle hook slipped out easily under finger pressure and I returned the pike to the water. It slowly finned its way through the clear, shallow water then suddenly, with a flick of its tail it raced back into the river. Satisfying stuff!

Got one!

The pike slides out of the River and onto the submerged grassy bank.

Nice fish!

I didn't weigh it but it was about twelve pounds.

Beautifully hooked.

Typically the circle hook has slipped along behind the maxilla.


The fish is back in the water and beginning to get its bearings.


Ahh - the river's over there..


Away it goes with a flourish of its tail.