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Mike Ladle


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Selected Writings from the Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society

From the picture on the dust jacket (a bass inspecting a plug in what looks like two feet of turbulent, clear, ‘bassy’ water) to the last words (22lb 6oz – the average weight of a metre long fish) this book exudes the excitement of bass fishing. I have been a bass addict and a B.A.S.S. member for more years than I care to remember and have read many of the chapters in this excellent book in their original, BASS Mag. format – they have lost nothing of their interest over the years. There’s also quite a lot of new material that I’d never seen before.

Household names such as Clive Gammon, John Darling and Donovan Kelley have all contributed their thoughts. Every aspect of bassing is covered from ‘traditional’ surf fishing through plugging and popping to flicking a fly. First-hand accounts of fishing - night and day, calm and raging seas, baits and lures, schoolies and stripers are all to be found within these pages. As you might expect the style of each piece is very different and all the better for that. All in all if you want to know about bass and how to catch them, if you want to enjoy a breath of salt air and a good tale and if you care about the future of this wonderful fish – buy yourself a copy. The book is worth every penny of its £28. If you don’t enjoy reading it then you’re not an angler!

Compiled and edited by Geoff Gonella 2008

Published by Angler’s Bookcase £28

ISBN 978-0-9558193-0-8

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